Hostcomm adds Amazon AWS into its Level 1 PCI DSS secure zone

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Following a testing procedure with over 250 checks by an independent PCI DSS assessor, Hostcomm’s secure zone with the AWS network has been cleared for secure payment processing. This means that Hostcomm’s clients are able to completely descope their contact centres from PCI DSS obligations in AWS and ensure that all of their data is secured to the highest possible level. 

Any organisation that takes card payments over the phone must be PCI DSS compliant. In reality, most don’t bother because of the cost of achieving compliance. Auditors generally charge around £1000 per day and the investment in technology can easily surpass £100K. By working with Hostcomm the cost of recurring compliance will be significantly reduced. 

Hostcomm has now held PCI DSS Level 1 compliance for 3 years which is a testament to its commitment to card and personal data security. 

The benefits of using Hostcomm’s PCI DSS contact centre:

– Service your clients properly without risking a serious data breach.

– Reduce the cost and complexity of your contact centre.

– Secure non-card data eg for UK GDPR personal data. 

– Prove to your clients that you take security seriously. 

– Bolster your defences from malicious intruders and fraudsters.

Hostcomm provides several PCI DSS payment systems including an agent-assisted payment one and an advanced payment IVR which uses Google Speech to play high-quality human-like prompts to the callers. 

If you would like to discuss improving the security within your organisation Hostcomm will be happy to discuss compliance and security consultancy with you. 

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