How Remote Visual Assistance is changing service provision in the social housing sector

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Remote Visual Assistance (RVA) uses standard web browser code to set up video connections between two or more devices. Neither party needs to install a browser extension or application for this to work. Once the video connection is established a series of tools that use augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) can be jointly used to quickly achieve objectives that would normally require physical site attendance.

RVA is the cheapest, quickest and most convenient method of resolving a multitude of tasks and problems most of which are relevant to the social housing sector. The features which accompany RVA also reduce post-session follow up administration such as automatic inspection document production, image categorising and CRM integration. This not only saves an enormous amount of time it improves customer service.

Hostcomm RVA is very effective with the following tasks:

  • Establishing when maintenance call-outs are justified eg leaking pipe or just condensation.
  • Reducing void time by speeding up the evacuation process.
  • Remotely assisting with paperwork for new tenants.
  • Addressing emergencies quickly eg a circuit breaker, water cut off.
  • Qualifying call out requests quickly without delaying the customers.
  • Automatic production of vacate inspection reports.
  • Providing detailed evidential reports to maintenance contractors for improved first-time resolution.
  • Reducing maintenance resolution time using AI-based image & video searching.

The return on investment with RVA is fast because it reduces the number of physical site visits and their associated costs. It is an excellent example of digitalising service provision to reduce cost and improve customer service. This is important for all organisations during the current economic environment and general reluctance by people to come into contact with others.

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